Monday 2nd April 2018

March Rainfall Update

The rainfall figures for 2018 have now been updated to include the rainfall data for March.

March started off on a wintery note with three days of snow showers and some epic snow drifts courtesy of the strong easterly winds. There was a another brief touch of Winter mid month with a small amount of snow and then the month ended with heavy rain. The end result has been above average monthly rainfall and some very muddy conditions under foot. The extra rainfall in March has more than made up for the lack of rainfall in February and the year to date is about half an inch up on the long term average already. April has started off wet and we have already had over half an inch of rainfall.

Posted by Andrew Leaper

Monday 31st December 2012

Spreadsheet Updates

The spreadsheet used to the record the rainfall data has been modified in order to remove some annoying little visual bugs in the rainfall charts and to improve its overall performance when recalculating.

The spreadsheet has been developed using, and is primarily intended for use with, the LibreOffice personal productivity suite.

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Thursday 30th June 2005

Printing Rainfall Charts

The rainfall charts can be printed directly from this site using your web browser's printing facilities. However the quality of the printout is likely to be poor due to the low resolution of the chart images.

Therefore it is recommended that the Adobe PDF versions of the rainfall charts are downloaded and printed from within a suitable PDF viewer (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar). Click on the "PDF" link located to the right of the required chart's entry in the side bar menu. This will download and open the PDF version of the chart into your system's default PDF viewer. The chart can then be printed in the usual manner.

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Sunday 6th July 2014

Some Background And A Little History

I started gathering rainfall statistics (at my Dad's suggestion I seem to recall) back in 1984. I've now being doing it for a good 30 years (becoming a bit of a rainfall "anorak" in the process) and have no immediate plans to stop.

The rainfall is recorded on an ad hoc basis, but at the very least once per a week, usually on a Sunday. The measurements are combined to come up with monthly and yearly rainfall figures. This site contains rainfall charts showing the monthly and yearly rainfall figures. The recorded measurements are available by downloading the spreadsheet containing the source rainfall data.

During the period from 1984 to 2002 (inclusive) the rainfall was measured at Lodge Farm, Turvey, MK43 8AD. Since 2003 the rainfall has been measured at Church's Cottage, Turvey, MK43 8AD. The two locations are only a mile or so apart (as the crow flies), therefore comparisions of the measurements recorded at the two locations should be valid.

The rainfall measurements are, and always have been, made manually.

Posted by Andrew Leaper